I offer ecotherapy sessions in various landscapes near Frome, in Somerset, where you can explore what you bring to counselling while being held by the surroundings. I support you to explore your experience of interconnectedness in this outdoor therapy, being part of a wider whole and what this means to you.

Ecopsychology, the theory behind Ecotherapy, has been described as an exploration of the synergistic relation between personal health and well-being and the health and well-being of our home, the Earth.

“In traditional psychology, the ‘psyche’ is considered in isolation from its natural environment. Ecotherapy is a union between the ideas of ecopsychology and psychotherapy / counselling. Fundamental to ecotherapy is our connection to the natural world and the environment we live within. Ecotherapy uses a range of practices in order to help us connect with nature and ultimately with our 'inner' nature”. Dr. Martin Jordan

In ecotherapy it is acknowledged that distress can arise from feelings of concern for the outer world and space is given to exploring your relationship with your community, environment and the earth in relation to how this affects your inner experience.

Together with the land I offer a space for you to begin to explore how what is happening in the world is impacting you, what it means for you and how you choose to interact.

Together we decide when to have sessions outside or inside. Moving between the two opens up possibilities of exploring how you are affected by different environments.

How would you live and experience life differently if you saw yourself as part of nature rather than separate from nature?

Sessions last for one hour and cost £40.

For more information on counselling and how I work please see the counselling page.


We decide together how or if the weather may affect our sessions. There are more sheltered locations and it is also a possibility to have ecotherapy sessions indoors.

What to wear

Depending on the season it is useful to wear sturdy boots and clothing you don’t mind getting dirty. Waterproofs may be advisable.