Hypnotherapy with the Soul in Mind

Hypnosis is a safe natural state of focused awareness and hypnotherapy concentrates on our ability to go inside ourselves for the purpose of deep relaxation and healing.

I trained as a hypnotherapist after having been inspired for many years by the power of language, visualisation and guided journeys. I work with visualisation, journeying and relaxation techniques in a creative and holistic way, to help you bring greater awareness to your life and discover what's important to you. Together we look into areas you would like to heal and ways to bring changes that are in line with your values and the calling of your soul. I aim to support you to explore yourself on a deeper level, discover and promote aspects that allow you to thrive.

I offer a safe confidential space for you to discover and transform patterns within you that cause challenges and prevent you from flourishing. You will be made welcome, guided with heartfelt compassion and seen for who you really are. With gentle guidance, we can release blockages and allow your energy to begin to flow freely again, which can lead to greater health, peace, balance, vitality and purpose. 

With hypnotherapy, I support you to better understand where you've been and how you've become who you are. It's a way to access subconscious experiences, and emotions with the intention of understanding yourself, your current life, stress, and emotional triggers. Most individuals are unaware of why they do the Hypnotherapy, hypnotherapist, Bristol things they do and why they feel the way they feel. Hypnotherapy is designed to uncover the underlying reasons with the intention of bringing awareness and consequently, opening up to the ability to change. Sessions can lead to beautiful self-awareness and support your energy to flow more freely.

In a hypnotherapy session I use relaxation, journeying and visualisation techniques to help you achieve a state of trance. Trance is a natural state that we go in and out of several times a day. It feels like day-dreaming or that feeling of finding that you have travelled or walked somewhere on 'auto-pilot'. Trance can help to improve our capacity to respond to positive suggestion and to help bring about changes in physical and mental wellbeing.

About half of the session will be spent talking and the other half lying down on the couch with me guiding you safely into a state of deep relaxation.

Face to face sessions in Frome, Somerset
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